Strong Women!
Deidre Martin
Lay-Life Coach teach people how to treat you... you
allow people to treat you the way they do.
A licensed nurse and a few credits shy of her bachelors in psychology, Deidre Martin offers no nonsense down to earth guidance with the goal of
making Women Strong! The queen of boundaries, Martins’ underlying premise is simple: "… we TEACH others how to treat us and we ALLOW them
to treat us as they do. By gaining control over what we teach and what we allow, we establish balanced and healthy relationships".

Martin’s specific passion is making women strong but men or teens with boundary issues can benefit from her perspective as well.

Mrs. Martin’s services are affordable and include:

    •        Strong 101, a 45 minute presentation on the concepts of TEACHING and ALLOWING, suitable for group settings.
    •        Individual sessions, in person and by phone.
    •        Group sessions by conference call.

                   For a free half hour introductory consult, contact Deidre Martin today at