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A Little About Us

Welcome to the McNiece family website. The McNieces have been married for over 35 years and in 2012, purchased a home with the intent of providing
hospitality, and a community living environment.

They previously ran the
Christian Community Living Center in Lynnwood. For 15 years the CCLC was a community home opened to those in need of
emergency housing. People stayed for anywhere from weeks to years. Over time the house specialty became single moms and woman in stressed
marriages, though there were single dads and whole families who joined the CCLC Family over the years. As time went by it became evident that some
level of counseling training would be beneficial to help meet the needs of the residents. In the late 1990's, Andrew & Beckie attended the Basic Prayer
Counseling Training course offered by Elijah House. Afterward they had an opportunity to teacher assist in a second basic school, and after that concluded
they maintained a full counseling schedule for the next year. Since then they have provided
lay-counseling services on an as needed basis for those
referred by word of mouth.

Other involvements include Andrew and Becks joint development of curriculum and leading the
Sunday morning Junior High School program at
Lynnwood Neighborhood Church for 10 years; Beck's involvement in
Children's Ministry, Administrative and Office Support, Intercessory Prayer and
the development of
E-Pray email prayer chain ministries at Family Life Center and Living Hope over 15 and 6 years respectively. From 2004-2007, Beck
and Andrew led
Power Alley, a home fellowship group that stressed Fellowship, Worship, The Word, Prayer and Outreach. Over the years, Andrew has
participated in four
Worship Teams in various support roles, and also occasionally leading worship. Andrew has also authored over 80 songs.

Beck is currently a
home health care provider for Companion Care. Andrew has a background in Law Enforcement and is very happily employed.  Andrew
is also a
Ham Radio Operator at Technician's level with the call sign K7AXZ.
Website Gone Stagnant
It's been nearly a year since we've updated this site... not for laziness... at least not only for
laziness... changes in my (Andrew's) workday length (usually 12 hours a day) and work
location (Kirkland vs Redmond) have reduced the downtime that used to be available for
regular updates. Unfortunately, the current time constraints are not likely to change over the
next 4 years or so, so new updates will continue to be a struggle. That brings us to a question
we tossed about some time back... do we really want to continue the site, and for now we will
hang on to it but with the advent of Facebook, we are again evaluating if the site is worthwhile
and serves any purpose. We will keep you posted if anything changes on the status of the

An Amazingly Perfect Fit!
It's been over a year now since Peter Martin joined our little family. He and his green feathered
friend Alex have turned out to be an amazing fit here at the Bothell House. A native of the area,
Peter supports house life not only with his financial support, but with his friendship, care and
help about the house. He's also quite the home body and seeing he telecommutes, he's on
site almost 24/7, providing round the clock security both when we are working and traveling!
And given the loyalty and commitment he has shown... I pity the person who might try to
break in!!! We appreciate Peter a lot... if you haven't met him, you should make a point of
saying hi next time you drop by!

Motorcycle Days End
After lying mostly dormant the last few years I decided to part with my two wheeled ride this
year. I'm not prepared to say I'll never ride again, but at least for the foreseeable future, my
transportation is going to have four wheels.

Kayak Season
Since selling my SUV, kayaking has been more of a production than I'd like it to be and it's
shown in a slow down in the frequency of my kayak missions. This year I only went out once
on a segment of the Sammamish River. I'm hoping to hit two or three other segments next
season and if I can get her mom and dad to sign off, I'm hoping to expose Lexy to the wonder
of kayaking on at least one of those trips!

Idaho Called And I Answered!
This year's grand solo excursion was to Couer D' Alene. It was my second trip to what I call
"Free Idaho". This time I explored the lake front area and down town. I've really come to enjoy
the feel of the state and it suits me from a cultural and political sense too. I anticipate more
trips there and while I'm not saying I'm ready to move there any time soon... I have been
looking at real estate in and around Couer D' Alene and Post Falls :)

The Moms Are Amazingly Well!
With Beck's mom only a few hours away, we've been able to make multiple trips down to
Hillsboro for visits. She is doing well, has integrated in well socially with others at the facility
and continues to have other family members in the same town.

Likewise, Andrew's mom is doing great. She is way too healthy and mentally sharp for a
person in her 90's! We should all have those problems at that age, right? She enjoys the favor
of her peers and the staff at her facility and is unusually blessed in her circumstances. Andrew
and his sister Reba try to visit quarterly and in between visits, Reba takes point on sending
care packages full of their mom's favorites... jewelry and Doritos!

Mike & Mary
A few trips have been shared with either Beck and Andrew going down to Condon or Mike and
Mary coming up to Bothell. Mike and Mary are in such good places. They both love their work
and are amazingly in love with each other. Its so refreshing to watch them together. Those
who knew Mike in his rougher teen years would have never dreamed he would ever become
the amazing husband and family man he is today... yea... we're biased, but it's all true! We are
so proud of him and them both!

Eldest Granddaughter Married!
Andrew had the privilege of officiating the wedding of he and Beck's granddaughter Megan's
wedding. It was an outdoor affair with a strong military presence, which makes sense seeing
her new husband Cody is active duty! The location was the beach at Alki and the weather was

Two Youngest Grandkids Getting "less young"!
Ty turned 6 recently and is in kindergarten and excels in climbing over obstacles and
exploring. Lexy is 4 at the moment and loves dressing up, hiding, joking, laughing and
destroying things! On my last kayaking adventure I accidentally fell in the water and Lexy had
a lot to say about it:

Lexy: Anu, why you all wet?
Andrew: I fell in the water.
Lexy: Why you fall in da water... dat's vewy danduous. You need to be more careful!

Still Connected With Buddy Dan
My buddy Dan and I may only see each other once, maybe twice a year but you'd think we
hung out all the time given our taste in hats and facial hair... almost IDENTICAL! We got to
touch bases for a couple of days again this year at our halfway point, Centralia Washington.

New Hobby In Support Of An Old Hobby
A deal came up that was too good to pass up and Andrew became proud owner of a DJI
Phantom 4 Drone. A lover of exploration, especially of weird and abandoned places, the drone
will be especially useful in exploring places that can't be accessed conveniently on foot.
Andrew has flown 8 missions as of this writing, but as spring and summer return, there will
hopefully be many more, mostly recon in nature, videos of which will likely be posted on

Beck's Job, Beck's Ministry
Peter lives the dream of working from home and Beck lives the dream of being paid to be a
"Practical Minster" in the lives of her clients. In addition to tending to practical needs like
assuring her clients are safe, fed, clean and comfortable, she also gets to speak
encouragement and guidance and blessing on them and their families. I envy, admire and
respect the work she does with Companion Care!

30 Year Reunion!
Mukilteo Foursquare Church, formerly Family Life Center, celebrated it's 30th anniversary and
we had the chance to reconnect with so many old acquaintances there... Pastor's Vic and
Jeannie, Herb and Bethany, Jeff and Dorris; the Ingams and many many more than we can list
here. We discovered FLC when it was a scant month old and meeting in an office building. We
followed it's nomadic trek from office building to store front to school building to borrowed
sanctuary to it's current facility where it now flourishes. We (especially Beck), invested deeply
in that work... more so than any other in our lives, and to see it now, 30 years later was so very
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