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A Little About Us

Welcome to the McNiece family website. The McNieces have been married for over 35 years and in 2012, purchased a home with the intent of providing
hospitality, and a community living environment.

They previously ran the
Christian Community Living Center in Lynnwood. For 15 years the CCLC was a community home opened to those in need of
emergency housing. People stayed for anywhere from weeks to years. Over time the house specialty became single moms and woman in stressed
marriages, though there were single dads and whole families who joined the CCLC Family over the years. As time went by it became evident that some
level of counseling training would be beneficial to help meet the needs of the residents. In the late 1990's, Andrew & Beckie attended the Basic Prayer
Counseling Training course offered by Elijah House. Afterward they had an opportunity to teacher assist in a second basic school, and after that concluded
they maintained a full counseling schedule for the next year. Since then they have provided
lay-counseling services on an as needed basis for those
referred by word of mouth.

Other involvements include Andrew and Becks joint development of curriculum and leading the
Sunday morning Junior High School program at
Lynnwood Neighborhood Church for 10 years; Beck's involvement in
Children's Ministry, Administrative and Office Support, Intercessory Prayer and
the development of
E-Pray email prayer chain ministries at Family Life Center and Living Hope over 15 and 6 years respectively. From 2004-2007, Beck
and Andrew led
Power Alley, a home fellowship group that stressed Fellowship, Worship, The Word, Prayer and Outreach. Over the years, Andrew has
participated in four
Worship Teams in various support roles, and also occasionally leading worship. Andrew has also authored over 80 songs.

Beck is currently a
home health care provider for Companion Care. Andrew has a background in Law Enforcement and is very happily employed.  
Andrew is also a
Ham Radio Operator at Technician's level with the call sign K7AXZ.

For a week this month, Reba joined us on a variety of adventures including an excursion to
Leavenworth and  trip to Condon to visit Mike and his family. In Leavenworth Reba and I
(Andrew) visited a small island in the nearby river (the Winatchee I believe) where we explored
beaches and trails and looked for bears! Yes, it was posted that bears had been spotted in the
area, though we failed to find any! The next day Beck joined us on a less hazardous
exploration of the downtown shops, including the famous Hat Shop.

Our next stop was a few days at Mike's where he and Mary treated us to such delicacies as
Bacon Cinnamon Caramel roles! Oh yes... they were the best!!

After our time with Mike we headed over to Hillsboro to visit Beck's mom, who is doing quite
well, and from there we headed back home with a stopover in Centralia. We tried out the
accommodations at King Oscars, but I'm not quite ready to describe them as "Royal"!

A short excursion on Silver Lake marked my first Kayak trip of the season. The second will
probably be up north near Deception Pass where there's an island to explore with my name in

Can you believe it... Ms. Lexy turned two on the 5th! Her entry into the world was marked with
her mother's water breaking on I-5... her head popping out on Broadway and the rest of her
being delivered by her grandmother in the Providence parking lot! She's sure come a long way
since then!

It is our honor to host a new sub-page on our site called Strong Women. It is a Life Coaching
service provided by lay Life Coach Deidre Martin. For more details, please click the Strong
Women button at the top of this page.

A new TMI production was rolled out on Facebook, our Youtube channel McNieceVideo and
right here on this site
called How To Do Dishes The Quick And Easy Way. A minute and a half
comedy, it's simply intended to amuse... and maybe disgust!

Barb MacPhereson Shindig Slated!
If you are a Barb MacPhereson fan, mark your calendars for July 12 at 4:pm, when we will be
hosting a "Greet and Share" time. All her friends, enemies and stalkers are invited to attend!
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