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A Little About Us

Welcome to the McNiece family website. The McNieces have been married for over 35 years and in
2012, purchased a home with the intent of providing hospitality, and a community living environment.

They previously ran the
Christian Community Living Center in Lynnwood. For 15 years the CCLC
was a community home opened to those in need of emergency housing. People stayed for anywhere
from weeks to years. Over time the house specialty became single moms and woman in stressed
marriages, though there were single dads and whole families who joined the CCLC Family over the
years. As time went by it became evident that some level of counseling training would be beneficial to
help meet the needs of the residents. In the late 1990's, Andrew & Beckie attended the Basic Prayer
Counseling Training course offered by Elijah House. Afterward they had an opportunity to teacher
assist in a second basic school, and after that concluded they maintained a full counseling schedule
for the next year. Since then they have provided
lay-counseling services on an as needed basis for
those referred by word of mouth.

Other involvements include Andrew and Becks joint development of curriculum and leading the
Sunday morning Junior High School program at Lynnwood Neighborhood Church for 10 years;
Beck's involvement in
Children's Ministry, Administrative and Office Support, Intercessory Prayer
and the development of E-Pray email prayer chain ministries at Family Life Center and Living Hope
over 15 and 6 years respectively. From 2004-2007, Beck and Andrew led
Power Alley, a home
fellowship group that stressed Fellowship, Worship, The Word, Prayer and Outreach. Over the years,
Andrew has participated in four
Worship Teams in various support roles, and also occasionally
leading worship. Andrew has also
authored over 80 songs.

Beck is currently a
home health care provider for Companion Care. Andrew has a background in
Law Enforcement and is very happily employed.  Andrew is also a
Ham Radio Operator at
Technician's level with the call sign K7AXZ.

We currently live at:

19404 4th Dr. SE
Bothell, WA 98012

You can contact us at:

The Moms

Both Beck and I are experiencing a degree of frustration in getting to see
our mothers on a regular basis. Beck’s mom recently moved to Hillsboro in
the Portland area but with work conflicts and her car being out of
commission (until recently), trips down to check her welfare have not been

My mom still lives in California. With my previous job I had much more
latitude on taking time off and I accumulated vacation time more rapidly.
My current job does not afford the same latitude and vacation time
accumulates much slower. That means my best option is to fly down but
its cost prohibitive… especially given our new debt load. Driving down is
much more economical with my car but time off is not available, meaning I’
d have to drive 1000 miles down, visit and drive 1000 miles back during my
two days off. Possible but not my first choice. So figuring out a plan is
rising to the forefront on my priority list.

It’s Worse Than That, He’s Dead Jim!

The famous quote from Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy sadly came true when the
transmission went out on Beck’s Honda CR-V. Given the vehicle had over
220000 miles on it, we decided a repair wasn’t practical and decided
instead to replace it. In rolls Beck’s new ride, an Audi A6. We hope it will
last us 2 years!!

Valentine’s Day

This year’s Valentine’s Day was especially rich with our longtime friend
Julie Davis joining us. We had been out of touch for decades but
reconnected just last year!

Chico And The Tumor

Our little rat dog Chico developed a tumor on his face that caused a bit of
concern.  Thankfully we had a prepaid vet visit to use so we took him in
for an evaluation. The vet felt it was a common non-cancerous tumor that
typically goes away on its own.  True to her prediction, the tumor is indeed
shrinking and we expect he will soon no longer look like a two headed dog!

National Debt

With two vehicles failing catastrophically in as many months, our hard
fought for debt free status was dealt a fatal blow. Though we will do our
best to pay off this sizable debt, experience has taught us that debt, once
acquired almost never goes away. We’ll see if we can reverse the evidence
of past experience and pull off a successful payoff… but we’re looking at
years, not months… not at all what we wanted or planned for.

Business Practices

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Home Frequency:
The Winsystem
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Guidance Ministries
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Family Revelations
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Facilitating Growth In The Body Of Christ Through:

  1. Community... at least one other individual or family will be joining us to
    create a safe small community environment to foster our mutual spiritual
    growth, and that of others who will stay with us on a more temporary basis.
  2. Hospitality... our "Short Stay" room will be open to both general hospitality
    extended to family and friends visiting the area AND to those needing a
    temporary sanctuary to rest, regroup and hear what God's next step is for them.
  3. Service... Periodically house residents will have the opportunity to participate
    in small group outreach and service projects.
February 2015:

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