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A Little About Us

Welcome to the McNiece family website. The McNieces have been married for over 35 years and in
2012, purchased a home with the intent of providing hospitality, and a community living environment.

They previously ran the
Christian Community Living Center in Lynnwood. For 15 years the CCLC
was a community home opened to those in need of emergency housing. People stayed for anywhere
from weeks to years. Over time the house specialty became single moms and woman in stressed
marriages, though there were single dads and whole families who joined the CCLC Family over the
years. As time went by it became evident that some level of counseling training would be beneficial to
help meet the needs of the residents. In the late 1990's, Andrew & Beckie attended the Basic Prayer
Counseling Training course offered by Elijah House. Afterward they had an opportunity to teacher
assist in a second basic school, and after that concluded they maintained a full counseling schedule
for the next year. Since then they have provided
lay-counseling services on an as needed basis for
those referred by word of mouth.

Other involvements include Andrew and Becks joint development of curriculum and leading the
Sunday morning Junior High School program at Lynnwood Neighborhood Church for 10 years;
Beck's involvement in
Children's Ministry, Administrative and Office Support, Intercessory Prayer
and the development of E-Pray email prayer chain ministries at Family Life Center and Living Hope
over 15 and 6 years respectively. From 2004-2007, Beck and Andrew led
Power Alley, a home
fellowship group that stressed Fellowship, Worship, The Word, Prayer and Outreach. Over the years,
Andrew has participated in four
Worship Teams in various support roles, and also occasionally
leading worship. Andrew has also
authored over 80 songs.

Beck is currently a
home health care provider for Companion Care. Andrew has a background in
Law Enforcement and is very happily employed.  Andrew is also a
Ham Radio Operator at
Technician's level with the call sign K7AXZ.

We currently live at:

19404 4th Dr. SE
Bothell, WA 98012

You can contact us at:

After two and a half (or was it three) months helping her mom down in
California, Beck is settled back here in Washington. To celebrate her
homecoming we sampled the Sunset Dinner at the Kirkland Anthony’s. It
was of course, exquisite, and now we are teaming up for various house
projects, the most recent being the reclamation of our back deck. It’s fallen
into a degree of neglect but it’s getting back in serviceable condition. We
can now actually walk down the stairs without slipping on the moss!


My quirky side has been experiencing “impulse control” issues. With work
schedule making church attendance a challenge, I’ve been finding my
“need to teach” had been lying dormant. That is changing now with the
advent of a new video series rolling out on my YouTube Channel called
TMI (Too Much Information).  TMI is a collection of notes from my
personal bible studies and they are designed to help viewers see passages
from a different perspective.  There are only a couple of “episodes” posted
right now but I’m hoping to add new ones every month or so.  In addition
to TMI, other videos on a variety of topics are posted there including
reviews on cellphone cases, dash cam clips of irritating drivers and even a
portion of my son’s wedding! Coming soon will be an educational video
on what people should expect when they reach the advanced age of sixty
along with other snippets of offbeat humor. That all said, feel free to check
out and even subscribe to McNieceVideo on YouTube!

ALTERED (Continued)

Some may recall my mentioning that the pressures of my former
employment altered parts of “me”. Strange things happened… like taking
up kayaking… like becoming a Seahawks fan… like being less diplomatic
than I used to be when someone around me is being an idiot. Well, the
“altering” has not stopped. The most recent permutation of this strange
and sometimes scary transformation has manifested itself in an alteration
of my pallet. I have reduced my intake of red meat and have started
feasting on chicken and fish. Even more bizarre is my preference for and
consumption of plant based materials such as bell peppers, squash,
zucchini, celery, onions, garlic… even kale and collard greens! This
disturbing trend has been accompanied by an irresistible urge to cook…
like in a cast iron skillet using olive oil and seasonings! And worst of all…
my formerly beloved, highly processed and chemical laden microwave
meals no longer look or taste good! Even my consumption of sugar has
dropped by nearly 75%! I fear tofu and even mushrooms may soon become
appealing, a sure sign of a dire and very deep rooted pathology!


My trusty Ford Escape contracted low oil pressure and had to be retired. It
was one of my favorite and most versatile vehicles and when calculating it’
s cost verses sale price, it cost me only $95 per month to own.  It was
replaced by a much smaller and more economical Mini Cooper. Yes…
though I am strangely altered, my love for extremes remains!!

Home Frequency:
The Winsystem
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Guidance Ministries
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Facilitating Growth In The Body Of Christ Through:

  1. Community... at least one other individual or family will be joining us to
    create a safe small community environment to foster our mutual spiritual
    growth, and that of others who will stay with us on a more temporary basis.
  2. Hospitality... our "Short Stay" room will be open to both general hospitality
    extended to family and friends visiting the area AND to those needing a
    temporary sanctuary to rest, regroup and hear what God's next step is for them.
  3. Service... Periodically house residents will have the opportunity to participate
    in small group outreach and service projects.
January 2015:

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