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(Highlghts of the year)!

Vehicle Shuffle

    2015 began with a series of vehicle woes starting with the transmission failing on Beck's CRV and it's
    replacement with a spiffy Audi A6. Then the engine failed in Andrew's Ford Escape and it was replaced
    with his beloved Mini Cooper. Shortly thereafter, Beck's afformentioned spiffy Audi A6 suffered a
    transmission failure to the tune of $8000! Electing not to spend that much in repairs, they promptly
    traded the dead A6 and the Mini Cooper in for two new Toyota Prius'!

Fall, Healthy Eating & The Super Bowl!

    Gas prices dropped, making the Prius' even more economical to drive. Eating practices got more
    healthy and the McNiece and Martin legs of the family joined forces for the Superbowl!

Bikes, Kitchens, Cooking and Beautiful Women!

Andrew broke out the bike for a very short riding season and will likely be putting his two wheels up for sale in 2016. He also bought a
pressure cooker and is taking up cooking, so much so that he's redesigned the kitchen. Busy as he was, he still had time to hang out with
beautiful women such as Beck, Ms. Shirley, his mom Iris and his sis Reba!

Hair, Grandies and The "I Love Me" Display

Ty got his first haircut, Lexy turned 2 and Megan got even more beautiful! Andrew created a monument to his past lives, the "I Love Me"

Travels, Kayaking, The Mom's and Old Friends!

Andrew got some kayaking in. Travels sent us to Oregon, where we connected with Beck's Mom. Andrew's Sis came up from California on
her birthday. Andrew Got to touch bass with his old friend Chris Wiegman and his lovely bride. Barb MacPhereson stopped by for a visit.
Andrew visited his mom and discovered aliens during a visit to Nevada and Southern California!

Storm Damage And A House Warming

2015's windstorm took down two sections of fence, a side yard tree and two small trees in the front yard. Joys of home ownership.
Speaking of home ownership, our good friend Esther Hurd bought hers this year.

Another California Trip

    October afforded a last trip of the year to California where we got to touch bases with Beck's brother and his
    wife in Morro Bay and Andrew's Mom, sis, aunt and uncle.

Rig Prepped, Car Accordion, Final Oregon Trip

Our rig has been prepped for sale but is being retained until April due to weather. Then it will be towed to California to become Reba's
friend Dwayne's new home. Andrew's new car became the middle car in a three car accident and Andrew and Beck were able to take one
final trip to Oregon before winter set in.


    McNiece and Martin legs of the family joined forces for an amazing
    Thanksgiving experience.

39th Anniversary And Christmas

We closed the year with our 39th Anniversary and another joint venture holiday with the Martin leg of the family. So there you have it, our
year in a nutshell! And with that, we wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

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